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Primack Najari Studio is a boutique post-production space created to make costumers fulfilled by giving them the best services to bring their digital visions into life.
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Gal Primack Najari is a multidisciplinary artist that finds creation as an essence worth living for.
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Fine Arts at ironi alef, school of fine arts, Tel Aviv (2000-2005) / Designer at IDF spokesperson film unit (2005-2008) / Visual Communication at the visual communication department, bezalel academy, Jerusalem (2010-2014) / Print Designer at zarmon goldman advertising agency (2008-2009) / Photography Instructor at camp chai, Wiscounsin, IL (2009) / Broadcast Designer & MattePainter at broadcast post production office, Tel Aviv (2010-2011) / Broadcast Designer & Animator at promotheus post production office, Tel Aviv (2015-2016). Owner at Primack Najari Studio Boutiqe post production space based in tel aviv.
WHATTSSAPP ME!  +972509303456  /  EMAIL ME!  /  FOLLOW ME!  @GPN.GPN
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